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Massage prostate florida


The main function of the prostate is to store and secrete a clear, slightly alkaline (pH 7.29) fluid that represents 10-30% of the volume of seminal fluid, together with the sperm, is semen. The rest of the seminal fluid is produced by the two seminal vesicles. The alkalinity of the seminal fluid helps neutralize the acidity of the vaginal tract, prolonging the lifespan of sperm. The prostate is the modified wall of the proximal portion of the male urethra and is the 9th week of life in the embryonic development of the reproductive system. Condensation of mesenchyme, urethra and Wolffian ducts leads to the adult prostate, a body composed of several done glandular and non-glandular components merged within a common good capsule. Within the prostate, urethra from the bladder is called prostatic urethra and merges with the two ejaculatory ducts. (The male urethra has two functions: to carry urine from the bladder during urination and bring semen during ejaculation.) The prostate is sheathed in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which contract during the ejaculatory process. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) occur in older men, [5] prostate often grows to the point where it becomes difficult to urinate. Symptoms include the need to go to the bathroom frequently or taking a while to get started. If the prostate grows too large, it may constrict the urethra and prevent the flow of urine, making urination difficult and painful, and in extreme cases, completely impossible. BPH can be treated with drugs or with surgery that removes the prostate. The surgery most often used in such cases, is called a transurethral resection of prostate (TURP or RTU). In TURP, an instrument is inserted through the urethra to remove prostate tissue that is pressing against the top of the urethra and restricting the flow of urine. Men older often have corpora amylacea [6] (amyloid), dense accumulations of calcified material protein, in the ducts of their prostates. The corpora amylacea May obstruct the lumens of ducts of the prostate, and may underlie some cases of BPH. Cancer of the prostate is one of the most common cancers affecting older men in developed countries and a major cause of death among older men (estimated by some experts, a 3%). Regular rectal examinations are recommended for older men to detect prostate cancer early. In 1993, the Journal of the American Medical Association showed a link between vasectomy and an increased risk of prostate cancer. Relatados studies of 48000 and 29000 men who had vasectomies showed 66 percent and 56 percent higher rates of prostate cancer, respectively. The risk increased with age and the number of years since the vasectomy was performed. However, in March of that year, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development held a conference cosponsored by the National Cancer Institute and others to review the available data and information on the relationship between prostate cancer and vasectomies. It was determined that an association between the two was very weak, at best, and even having a vasectomy increased the risk, the risk was relatively small.

Massage prostate florida


the medical research Pair-magazine showed that the benefits of massage include the relief of pain, the reduced anxiety of the trace and depression, and blood pressure, heart tax, and theories temporarily reduced of the state anxiety.[7 ] behind that being able of massage includes the blockage of signals of pain to the brain (theory of control of the door), activating the system sinewy parasympathetic which can stimulate the release of endorphins and of serotonin, hindering the fibrosis or the fabric of the scar, increasing the flow of lymph, and improving sleep [ 5] but such effect still must be supported by studies projected physicians well. Massage can be executed by practitioner professional of massage, or by other professionals of the care of health, such as chiropractors, for osteopaths, athletical instructors, and/or physical Therapists. Therapists of massage allies of the health work in the hospitals as professioners, in repousos of cares, sports and easinesses of the aptitude, spas, salons of the beauty, ships of cruise, confidential offices, and course to the confidential residences or the 5 businesses [ ] contraindications to massage includes, thrombosis of the vein, disorders deep bleeding or to make examination of thinners of the blood such as Warfarin, damaged boats of blood, the bones weakened of cancer, the osteoporosis, or the breakings, and the 5 fever [ ] In adjustments professionals, massage involves the customer that he is being treated finding if in a table of massage, seating if vertically in a chair of massage, or when meeting in a cushion in the wooden floor. To the exception of modalities such as Acupressure, Shiatsu, In the one of Tui, massage thai, or the fabric deep barefoot, the subject of massage unclothed generally or unclothed partially, also consulted as disrobed, and its body "would be drapejado" with towels or leves. One prices typical advertising of massage has a surface fàcilmente cleaned, heavily quilted, and a main sustentation horseshoe-shaped that to allow that the customer breathes fàcilmente when expensive if finding low e it could be stationary or portable. A rest or bolster orthopedic can be used to correct to locate of the body. The chairs of massage are more easy so that practitioner it maneuvers of that tables of massage, and the customers do not need disrobe to receive one massage from the chair. had to these two factors, massage of the chair is executed frequent in the adjustments such as incorporated offices, festivals to the outdoors, malls of shopping, and other public positions. Many different types of used oils can be including the oil of coconut fractionated, the oil of seed of the grape, the oil of the macadamia, the oil of the sesame, the oil of pecan, and the oil of mustard. Arnica, of the flowers or leves of the montana arnica. The USA frequent the olive oil as a base when used medicinally, or the almond oil when used while the oils of massage oil.[14 ] a Aromatherapy such as the oil of neroli and the oil can of the pine will also be mixed the carrier oil. Ayurveda is a natural system of the care of health that it originates in India on 5000 years has. It incorporates massage, yoga, meditation and remedies herbal. Massage of Ayurvedic, also known as the part of Abhyanga de Panchakarma is executed generally by one or two therapists using a warm mixture of the oils herbal that are believed to be based on the target of dosha.The of the body must loosen doshas add with the techniques such as kneading, rubbing, and espremendo. The feet are used in chavutti thirummal, one specialized technique where therapist if suspends for a rope of the ceiling to apply the extra pressure with its feet. The fabric deep barefoot is a mixture of eastern techniques barefoot with manual therapy occidental person. The customers typically consume the flabby clothes when meeting in a mat in the wooden floor in position supine, prone and side-finding with rests or bolsters with no used oil. Because therapist can apply a wide scale of the pressure with easiness and does not have that to strain, more effort and concentration can be used to detetar and to manipulate the fabric, fascia of the release, as well as the search for and the points of the trigger of the attack, not obstante the size of the customer or the configuration. John Harris, who worked in 1984 olympics developed this modality. The technique of Bowen involves a type movement of rolling on the facsia, the muscles, ligaments, tendons and the junctions. It is said not to deeply involve or contact drawn out with fabrics of the muscle as in the majority of types of massage, but it is demanded to alliviate to tensions and tensions of the muscle and to restore the flow lymphatic normal. The therapy of Bowen.[16 is based on the practical ones developed for Australian Tone ] Craniosacral that are a delicate one, method hands-on to evaluate to function of the craniosacral system, and frequent consulted equivocadamente as to a type of massage. Self-correcting of the body works with using proper mechanisms best that the application of the physical force of practitioner. When used for practitioner of massage, the craniosacral therapy can useful complementary the treatment of massage, deep techniques of the fabric is projected generally for the focused work more of massage. Working a junction, a muscle or a specific group of the muscle, practitioner it can reach deeper layers of the fabric soft. To start superficially and to facilitate in the depth of the muscle slowly reserve frequent more movement. If the pressure will be applied too much deeply or too much quickly, the muscle can press to protect this area, and the damages or inflammation unnecessary can be induced. The very small lubricant is used because the pressure does not travel very on the skin. Lomilomi is massage traditional of Havaí. As one practical aboriginal, varies for the console and the family. The the most known styles today are those of auntie Margaret Axe of the console of Havaí, uncle Kalua Kaiahua de Maui and of Oahu, and Kahu Abraham Kawaii de Kaua'i, that its called bodywork Kahuna of the style. Other names given to massage had executed in Havaí are style of temple, nui of lomi of lomi, lomi of lomi, rere of kapa of romi, romi of romi and milliampere-uri. Some of these styles can be traditional, and others can have been influenced close or bred at modern times. Massage purported of Lomilomi given for Barbra Streisand the Robert De Niro in the "meeting the Fockers" was not an accurate respresentação of the style. The release of Myofascial consults to the manual technique of massage to strain the fascia and to liberate itself is leagued enters the fascia, integument, and the muscles with the objective to eliminate pain, increasing the scale of the movement and equilibrioception. The wounds, stress, the trauma, overuse and the poor position can cause the limitation to the fascia. That is made generally applying the compression or the tension of the shears in some directions, or for rolling of the skin. Originators of the release of Myofascial comes of the physical therapy and the structural integration (Rolfing); its current collaborators include John Barnes, Riggs art, Michael Stanborough, Tone Myers, until Luchau and Michael Leahy, originator of a complete regimen call technique or ART of Asset To liberate itself. Facilitation proprioceptive of Neuromuscular (PNF) and the techniques myofacial is believed to prolongate the muscles of tight/facilitated when the techniques of the activation of the fiber will be believed muscles of the tone weak/inhibited. Reflexology, call also therapy of zone of Foot, is practised traditional without lotion, while the points of the pressure in the feet are stimulated by the thumb and the finger that walk, as.well.as the statical pressure. Practitioners of massage of the foot believes that ailment of an internal agency will be associated with ending of nerve in the sole of the foot. While the pressure is applied to the sole, the theory arrests that a healthful patient does not have to feel no pain strong. This theory is based on a perceived energy flow of "meridians" in the body, also known as chi. Before massage, the feet of the patient are absorbed per approximately ten minutes in a bath of the foot, typically a solution of Chinese the hot water and herbs. The RUB and massages of practitioner the painful points to break below the rough points and the accumulated crystals that had not been searched scientifically. Based in this idea, some linings of the low shoe are made with points of the pressure to stimulate soles of the feet. The techniques of the treatment include the therapy of the point of the trigger, the myofascial release, the fascial friction for adhesions between layers and the muscles. The supported pressure of the finger to alliviate hypertonic, or pressed, the areas inside of the muscle and the fascia, the active therapies of the release, and massage deep of the fabric derivatives of the soft therapy of the fabric is all. Different types to strain such as to strain statical, to strain dynamic, and/or to strain of PNF (facilitation to neuromuscular proprioceptive). One another form of the soft therapy of the fabric is the technique of the energy of the muscle (FOUND WITH) that it uses the reciprocal inhibition (LAUGHS) that it is when therapist uses the muscle of a customer to strain the muscle if opposing. Therapist makes examination of the muscle that they are desiring to strain its full scale of the movement. Therapist starts then the customer to use the muscle being opposed itself moving itself moved away from therapist. When the customer relaxes therapist moves then the muscle in an attempt to realign staple fibres of the muscle. The technique of the energy of the muscle (FOUND WITH) can be applied the heifer when the customer is if to find supine in couch of the treatment. Therapist can place a hand in the tibia below of the knee to only isolate the knee that hinders that if it moves. To another hand it is placed around the way jump that forearm of therapist can be used to dorsiflex the foot. This can be used for therapists of massage of the sports. The warm rocks had been used for Egyptians, native Americans and in massage of Lomilomi. Smooth the hot or cold rocks, generally basalt or marble, are used massage the body. When the warm rocks are used the muscles relax allowing that therapist of massage works deeper in the muscle. The medicine of the energy is incorporated the times in massage of rock. The rocks are warm in the hot water and placed under the back part, throughout both the sides of spine, and in the high one of the torso and believed to heat chakra or the centers of the meridians. The coated warm rocks in the oil are used then directly in the hands of therapist that it delivers to some courses massaging. This style uses for much time, courses to flow, frequent but not necessarily in the direction of the heart. It has six basic courses: effleurage of French effleurer, ' for skim the excess ', petrissage of French pétrir, ' for knead ', of the friction, tapotement, the compression, and the vibration. Petrissage is a movement kneading with the entire tips of the palm or the finger, using wringing, rolling of the skin, compression, and/or to raise. Petrissage is applied generally vertically to the fabric of the muscle. The oil, the cream, or lotion is applied in the skin to reduce the friction and to allow smooth courses. Effleurage consists for the much time, courses flowing or sliding, executed with the open hands. In many sessions of massage, effleurage is used as the initial type to fondle, because it has a slowly executed effect if calming when. Massage of Swedish showed to be useful in reducing pain, the common rigidity, and improving the function in the patients with osteodistrofia of the knee on a period of eight 19 weeks [ ] the receiver of massage dumb in the flabby, comfortable clothes and in the lies in one mattress mat or firm in the wooden floor (it can thus be made alone or in a group of a dozen or in patients in the same great room.) Practitioner of massage inclines in the body recipient using the straight hands and forearms generally stopped in the elbow to apply the firm rhythmic pressure. Massage generally follows the lines of the sensor in body - one in such a way analogous to the meridians or the narrow channel (Chinese medicine) and nadis indian. The used feet and feet of giver can be fixate the body or the members of the receiver. In other styles, the hands fixate the body, when the feet to make the action massaging. The oil is not used in massage thai traditional. A full session thai of massage lasts two hours typically or more, and includes to pressure and to strain rhythmic of the entire body; this can include to pull the fingers, fingers of the foot, ears, cracking the meetings, walking in the receiver it stops backwards, and arching the receiver in the bhujangasana or (position of the snake). It has a procedure and a rhythm standard to this massage. In Thailand one massage of two the 300 around hours could cost baht thai (And U. $8 in 2005) depending on the position (it can more inside cost the ten times of a hotel of five stars). Note: Practical therapeutic traditional of massage thai does not have to be confused with the sexual service of the same name that is available in some hotels and brothels. To the times massage thai therapeutic traditional, or massage old, is consulted as "massage old of the lady", when practical the sexual one, who does not have nothing to make with massage traditional therapeutic will be called "massage new the lady". In the one of Tui () that it focuses in pushing, in straining and kneading the muscle. Zhi Ya () is similar to massage of the one In the one of Tui not to be that it focuses more in the compression and pressuring in points of acupressure. Both are based outside of the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine. That is followed for one ending generally happy. Watsu is the combination of hydrotherapy and the Shiatsu developed by Dull Harold in its time spent in the hot springs close to Middletown, California de Harbin, U.S.A.. The work is made in the water of the temperature of skin with therapist and practitioner in the water, generally one pool that it is enters 3.5 ft the 4 ft. (100-120.cm) deeply. The work involves much movement in the water and practitioners believes that it incorporates the activation of the lines of the energy derived from Shiatsu. In U.S.A. licensure is the the most raised level of the regulation and this restricts any one without a license of the therapy practising of massage or calling themselves that they had protected the heading. The certification only allows those that if find with definitive educational criteria to use the protecting heading and the register only requires a list of therapists that they apply and if they find with 36 an educational requirement [ ] In 2003, 64 percent of the special families of a child with necessities of the care of health had told that they use alternative therapies. These therapies had included healing spiritual, massage, chiropractic, herbs and diets special, hypnosis homeopathy, of self and other methods of the complementary and alternative medicine. The use of an alternative therapy was related to the condition of the child and to the opinion that is or he is not ] the person repairable.[38 indicates that they use massage because they believe that it alliviates the pain of the wounds musculoskeletal and of other causes of pain, reduces stress and enhances relaxation, rehabilitates the wounds of the sports, it diminishes feelings of the anxiety and depression, and increase the good general being.[5 ] Heinrich Himmler, the commander of Schutzstaffel (SS) and of the men a most powerful in Germany Nazi could have lost the faith in the victory German due its quarrels with its masseurs Felix Kersten and Walter Schellenberg.[41 ] Albert Bedane (1893-1980) that they had supplied to the shelter to one jewish the woman and another one during the Second World War I masseur/physiotherapist was one. Athletical training? Audiology? Bioengineering? Biomedical science? Chiropractic? Dental hygiene? Dentistry? Dietetics? Technician electrocardiographic? Medical services of the emergency? Technician of the hemodialysis? Therapy of massage? Medical assistants? Coders and billers doctors? Medical physics? Medical Technologist? Medical transcription? Therapy of music? Nuclear technology of the medicine? Nutrition? Occupational therapy? Optometry? Phlebotomy? Orthotics/Prosthetics? Physical therapy? Podiatry? Psychology? Therapy of radiation? Radiography? Technologist radiologic? Therapy respiratory? Therapy of the speech? Social work? Ultrasonography

Massage prostate florida


An archaelogical study shows that florida it dwelled itself v for thousands years before any European settlements. many korennya of national character, znannye the largest were ais, Apalachee, Calusa, Timucua and gears Tocobago. Juan ponche de Leeon, of Spanish konkistador, named florida in the honor of its discovery of the earth to 2 - GO of April, 1513, during Pascua florida, Spanish terms to season easter (Juan ponche de Leeon cannot be the first European for achievement florida; according to one report, at least one indigenous tribesman he encountered in florida in 1513 knitting needles Spanish.[6 ]). From that date forward, the earth became known as "la florida", although from 1630 to to y9tyu of century Tegesta (after gear Tequesta) not to be the name of selection for peninsula florida after the publication of map Dutch cartographer Hessel Gerritsz in the history Of zhoannes de Of layet's of the new World.[7 ] above following by century, and the Spanish and French established settlements in florida, changing by the degrees of success. In 1559, Spanish Pensacola was established by is put on Tristean de the Moon y arellano as the first European settlement in the continental United States, but it became abandoned to 1561 and not would be reinhabited as long as 1690s. French Huguenots not establish fort the epoch of Karl in modern -.dne jacksonville into 1564, but fort was conquered by efforts from the new Spanish colony st. Augustine following yr. After leader jean Ribault Huguenot learned new Spanish threat, he neglected expedition to the insert Spanish settlement; en route, however, strict storms on waylaid sea the expedition, which consisted large of part of the people of colony, pozvolyayushch the time of Pedro meneendez de Avilees of founder st. Augustine to march his people above the earth and to conquer fort the epoch of Karl. Large part of Huguenots was slaughtered, and Meneendez de Of avilees marched to the south and seized survivors the destroyed French fleet, ordering entire iskluchaya a little the catholics of completed near the river then of that caused Matanzas (Spanish for ' killings). Spanish language never had solid possession on florida, and supported tenuous control above the zone by way to convert local tribes, briefly with Jesuits even is more late with the the Franciscan friars. Local leaders (caciques) demonstrated their loyalty to the Spanish language by way to convert to the Roman catholicism and to greet Franciscan priests in them it sat down. The region of the Spanish florida diminished with the installation of English colonies to the northern and French colonies to the West. The English oslabennaya Spanish force in the zone by way to supply their allies of the creek of Indian with firearms and to constrain, that they raided client -.trib Timucuan and Apalachee of Spanish language. English attacked st. Augustine, goryashch city and its cathedral to the earth several times when citizens hid after the walls Chastillo de San Marchos. Spanish language, meanwhile the encouraged slaves in order to disappear, is which it is English -.derjat Carolinas and to arrive at florida, where they were preobrazovany to the Roman catholicism and, it was which they gave to freedom. They established in the north of the community of buffer st. Augustine, caused Of grachia Of real'n de Santa Of teresa de Mose, by the first completely settlement of blackness in it would become the United States. Large Britain acquired control florida diplomatically into 1763 through peace paris. British they divided colony into east florida, with their capital on st. Augustine, and western florida, with their capital on Pensacola. Britain attempted to begin Floridas through the importation of immigrants for the work, including certain from maximally oho Minorca and Greece, but this project. Spain returned Floridas after the defeat of Britain by American colonies and then agreement versailles into 1783, prodolzhayushch separation into east and west florida. They proposed the gifts of the earth to any it established in the colonies, and many amerikantsov moved k im. after the attack of settler on the Indian towns, Indians Seminole of those based in east florida they began to raid settlements Georgia, purportedly on the command of Spanish language. The army of the United States conducted more and are more frequent incursions into the Spanish territory, including campaign 1817 to 1818 against Indians Seminole By andryuom jackson which it became known as the first war Seminole. After war, the United States effectively checked east florida. In 1819, with the terms of agreement Adams-Onнs, Spain ceded florida to United States in exchange for the American renunciation of all claim fors texas and $5 million. The settlement increased in proportion to, they grew, which on the government of the United States extracted the pressure of Indians from their earth in florida. To chagrin landowners Georgia, blackness Seminoles that hidden and integrated runaway, and clashes between the whiteness and the Indians grew with the inflow of new settlers. In 1832, the government of the United States signed the agreement of landing Payne's with some of the leaders Seminole, obeshchayushch by them to earth west of Mississipi river if they agreed to leave florida dobrovol'n. Much of Seminoles left at this time when those which remained they prepared to protect their claims for the earth. White settlers pressed government in order to extract entire of the Indians, by effort if necessary, and into 1835, the army OF THE USA arrived in order to force agreement. The second war Seminole began at the end 1835 s Dade Massacre, when Seminoles ambushed troops of army marching from fort Brooke (tampa) in order to strengthen the king of fort (Ocala), killing or mortally wounding entire iskluchaya of one of 108 troops. Between by 900 and 1.500 warriors Seminole Indian effectively used tactician guerrilla impact and run against the troops of the army of the United States to 7 years. Osceola, charismatic the young leader of war, arrived to symbolize war and Seminoles after it was arrested during negotiations truce into 1837 and died in the prison more less than yr more late. War not to drag further to 1842. They are evaluated, which expends the U.S. Government between USS20 million and USS40 million in war, in time astronomical sum. Even after 3 krovoprolitnayaa the war, THE USA did not know how to force entire of the Indians Seminole in florida to West.[8 ] however most of all Seminoles were forcibly exiled to Mississipi west of earth, about 300 creeks, including leader Aripeka Seminole (sam Jones), it was which they remained in Everglades and refused in order to leave their native homeland rodonachal'nitsev. Their descendants remain there to this day. To 3 - GO of March, 1845, florida became 2"tyu the position of the United States of America. Its population grew slowly. White settlers continued to encroach on the earth of those utilized Seminoles, and the government of the United States permitted, that they made another effort to move the rest Seminoles to the West. The third war Seminole continued from 1855 to 1858, and it brought k in the removal of the large of part of the rest Seminoles. To 1860 florida had only 140.424 people, which 44% were enslaved. There were less than 1000 free people of the color before the the civil War.[9 ] to 10 - GO of January, 1861, before officially outbreak grazhdanskayaa war, florida seceded from the connection; 10 days more late, position went term- founder konfederaqiв 11- TI of the southern states of America. War it ended into 1865. To 25 - GO of June, 1868, idea florida's congressional restored. To MID -.dvadqatogo century, florida not to be the smallest populous southern position. The climate, hardened by the presence of air conditioning, and low of prices price living made position haven. Migration from the belt of the rust and northeast sharply increased population. Material'nya welfare combined with height florida's of that not expected in the profile to conduct to the barrage of earth florida 1920s, which brought briefly the period of the intensive development of the earth before the large pressure they brought them all to the stoppage. Savings florida's fully to not take to the second world soldiers. Today, the estimation of population above 18 millions, florida will be the most populous position in the southeastern United States, to second of majorities populous position in the south after texas, and fourth of most populous in the United States. Office censuses evaluates that "florida, now fourth of majorities populous position, okaimilsya after N6h Iorkom into the third place in the complete population of 20yy".[y0 ], is which much of the position florida located in the peninsula between Mexico molded edge, Atlantic Ocean, and straits florida. It lengthens to northwest in panhandle, lengthening along the northern molded edge of Mexico. It borders on the north by positions Georgia and Alabama, and in the West, at end panhandle, by Alabama. It almost several Caribbean countries, definitely Bahamas and Cuba. Coastline florida's extensive made it the vosprinimannuyu purpose during the second world soldiers; therefore government built airstrips everywhere to the position; today, approximately 400 airports find still in the maintenance. According to national to center the information of drug, florida has 131 public airport, and are more than 700 private airports, airstrips, heliports, and seaplanes bases.[11 ] florida one of the largest positions east of Mississipi river, and only Alaska and Michigan to bol'shle into vodnya space. Peninsula florida will be porous platom of limestone karst sitting on the bedrock. The advanced systems of underwater podzemeli', sinkholes and springs are found everywhere in the position and supply large part from the water of that utilized by residents. The limestone of pokryn with sandy soils depozirovannye as the ancient beaches above millions years as a global increase in sea level fell. During last glacial vremeneni, lower sea levels and more dry climate showed much shiroke peninsula, it was large they desert. Everglades, wide, very slow-flowing river enormously includes the southern end of the peninsula. Line of position begins in Atlantic Ocean, moving to the West, to the south, and northern upward on the thalweg of river saint mary's. To the beginning of that of river, it after this follows the straight line of almost directly west and nebol'sh of north, to the point where a confluence of the river of flint (from Georgia) and river Chattahoochee (downward from line Alabama/Georgia) used to form river Apalachicola florida's. (in the form of the fact that the dam of woodruff it was built, this point it were located near lake Seminole.) Boundary with Georgia continues northern through the lake for soon the distance upward on the former thalweg Chattahoochee, then with the runs of Alabama directly to the West along the latitude of ey°.N to river Perdido, after this southern along its thalweg to the bay through bay Perdido. It is much of the position na or near sea level. Climate florida is hardened by its somewhat proximity to the water. Position has humid subtropical climate, with exception of southern part near lake Okeechobee, which has truly tropical climate.[16 ] cold, it is which fronts they can random bring high winds and cool cold temperatures to entire position during the latter of drop and winter. One such front swept through the peninsula to 25 - GO of November, 1996, bringing cold temperatures and winds up to 95 miles in accordance with hour (150 km/h), knocking from the force to thousand and damaging mobile houses. Seasons in florida it is actual they are caused more by precipitation than with temperature with the weak, it is which necessary to cool, by relatively dry winters and autumns (zasushlivyya season) and by hot, moist springs and by years (moist season). A flow of bay it has moderating influence on the climate, and although much of florida is general it sees the high temperature of summer above 90 degrees fahrenheit (°.Ch 32), mercury rarely exceeds 100 degrees fahrenheit (°.Ch 38). Hottest temperature of that always written in the position was °.F 109 (43 °.Ch), complete set to 29 - GO of June, 1931 in Monticello. The coldest was - °.F 2 (°.Ch of?y9), to 13 - GO of February, 1899, exactly of 25 miles (40 kilometers) away, in Tallahassee. Average high temperatures on at the end of July are located mainly in the the low 90s fahrenheit (32 to °.Ch 35). Average low temperatures on at the end of January vary from the the low 40s fahrenheit (4 to °.Ch 7) in north florida to mid-50s (°.Ch of?ye) in south florida. Keys florida, surrounded by water, have more tropical climate, with the smaller changeability in temperatures. To the key West, temperatures it is rare they exceed 90.°.F (e2.°.Ch) in the summer or they are reduced under '0.°.F (y'.°.Ch) in the winter, and frost not was never reported in the keys. Nickname florida's will be the "position of sunshine", but the general appearance in the position will be a strict weather. Central florida as the capital of the lightning of the United States, as it experiences more zabastovkaa without the warning than elsewhere into country.[17 ] florida it has the highest average precipitation of any position, in the large part because thunderstorm after noon general in the large parts of the position from the last spring to the previous autumn. Valid day can be interrupted with the storm, only in order to return to sunshine. These thunderstorms, caused by the collisions between the airstream from Mexico bay and by airstream from Atlantic Ocean, flap upward in previous after noon and can bring heavy downpours, high winds, and sometimes tornadoy. Florida conducts the United States in tornadoakh in the square mile (vklyuaya waterspouts)[18 ] but these tornadoy they do not typically reach intensity those in midwest and large plains. Hail frequently accompanies the strictest thunderstorms. Superstorm 1993 brought the conditions of blizzard to panhandle, thus far shower and tornadoy beset peninsula. They are verified, that will be the storm such in the composition to the hurricane, and even the brought pulsations of the storm of 6 feet or it is more to the zones of the free flight of bay. Although some storms were formed from the season, tropical cyclones present a strict threat during the season of the hurricane, which continues from 1 - GO June to 30 - GO November. Florida will be Uragan-.samym the prone position OF THE USA, with the subtropical or tropical water on 3 sides and lengthy coastline. It is rare to the season of hurricane to pass without any impact in the position by at least tropical storm. August until October will be most likely period for the hurricane in florida. In 2004, florida was impact record 4 hurricanes. Hurricane Charley (13 - GO August), Frances (September from 4 to 5), Ivan (16 - GO September), and Jeanne (25 - GO to 26 - GO September) cumulatively cost savings USS42 billions of positions. In 2005, hurricane Dennis (10 - GO July) became the fifth storm in order to strike florida not the pozneye of 11 months. Is more late, hurricane Katrina (25 - GO August) that passed through south florida and hurricane swept Rita (20 - GO September) through keys florida. Hurricane Wilma made landfall in florida in the previous morning from 24 - GO of October as the hurricane of category 3, with the eye of storm striking near romano cape, the valid south of island Marco, according to the national to center of hurricane. From their by chance importation from South America into North America into 1930s, the red imported population of muraveya of fire increased its territorial number in order to include large part from the South United States, including florida. They are more aggressive than majorities the native form of muraveya and have painful sting.[30 ] red, tide was also which a question on the free flight of southwest florida. There was thus far much conjecture above the reason for toxic algae they bloom, not there will be proof that it causes itself by pollution or that was an increase in duration or frequency of the red tides.[38 ] before American grazhdanskayaa the war, when slavery was legal, and during the era of reconstruction which followed after, African Americans those made upward on closely half population.[43 of position ] their proportion it declined above the following century, so much moved into the large migration thus far large northern count northern whiteness they moved to the position. Nedavn, the proportion of the position of black residents began grow again. Today, the high concentration of black residents it is possible to find in north florida (notably in jacksonville, Gainesville and Pensacola), regions Tampa Bay, region orlando (specially in city orlando and Sanford), and southern florida (where their number they were supported by roller considerably by immigration from Haiti and Jamaica). Population florida's hispanic vklyuayet the large communities of Cuban amerikantsov in miami and tampa, Puerto Ricans in tampa and orlando, and central American migrant workers into the inland West -.Qentralсy1 and southern florida. Hispanic community continues grow more abundant and by the black: between years 2000 and 2004, the county of shelters in southwest florida, which is large it is suburban in the nature, had most rapid hispanic tempya of an increase in the population of any county in the United States. The whiteness of all ethnicities be present in all zones of position. That of British and Irish ancestry be present in the large numbers in all zones urban/suburban through the position. There will be large German population in southwest florida, large Greek population in the zone of springs Tarpon, large and historical Italian community in region miami, and white Floridians of the dlinn-.prisytstvyyushchikh generations in the in a cultured way southern regions of inland and northern florida. The native white Floridians, specially those which got down from long- Tim families florida, is affectionate refer to as "cracker florida." As all other southern positions, they get down mainly from The the schots-.Irlandskogo also as some British settlers. Florida mainly protestant, with the Roman Catholic community which grows because of the immigration; there will be now single krupnayaa note in the position. There will be also the large Jewish community, located mainly in south florida; no other southern position has this large Jewish population. Affiliations florida's at present religious are shown in the table below: Basic structure, responsibilities, function, and activities of the government of position florida are determined and established by constitution florida, which establishes the fundamental legislation of position and guarantees different rights and freedoms people. The government of state consists 3 separately the branches: is judicial, executive, and it is legislative. The zakonodatel'aya authority enacts the calculations, which, if it is signed by governor, will be statutes florida. The zakonodatel'aya authority florida consists of senate florida, which has 40 members, and palataa of representatives florida, which has 120 members. At present governor florida will be republic Charlie Crist. Law court florida supreme consists main justice even 6 justices. 67 counties in florida, but some reports show only 66 because of county Duval, which is consolidated with city jacksonville. 379 it is municipal in florida they report regularly to division florida of income, but there will be other switch oned municipalities which they do not make. Tax to sale mainly will be source of income for the government of state, but mainly by source of income for it is municipal and counties it will be tax to the property. Demokraticheskayaa party supports edge in the registration of voter, and statewide, also, into 40 of 67 counties, including county miami-Dade-Dade, county Broward, and the county of the beach of palm, counties.[48 position 3 the most populous ] in spite of democratic advantage in the registration, from 2008, Republicans check governorship and majorities other statewide elective offices; both houses of regular legislation; and 16 of the places of position 25 in palataye of representatives. Florida is consecutively enumerated as the position of rocking in the presidential elections; in the closely disputed election 2000 positions played pivotal role. Phosphate to mine, concentrated in the valley of bone, you be the industry of the position of tert -.samo1 large. Position produces about 75 percent of phosphate necessarily farmer in the United States and 25 percent of postavky of peace, with about 95 percent utilized for the agriculture (90 percent for fertilizer and 5 percent for additions of the nourishment of livestock) and 5 percent of those utilized for other products.[53 ] position not to be one of a few positions in order not to have law minimum of the wage of position to 2004, when voters passed konstitutsionnayaa correction establishing minimum of the wage of position and (uniquely among the laws minimum of wage) mandating so that it would be adjusted for the inflation every six months. At present, minimum of wage in position florida $6.79 from 1 - GO of January, 2008. Historically, savings florida's was based on to be the farmer of cattle and the agriculture (specially sugarcane, citrus, tomatoes, and klubnikakh). In previous 1900, the speculators of the earth opened florida, and businessmen such as the plant of genria and henry(s) Flagler began the systems of the railroad, which conducted people to move inside the drawn by weather and local savings. From afterward this further, the tourism thundered, zapravlyayushch by fuel the cycle of development which overwhelmed is much farmland. Florida also has much particular university also, the largest will be university nova southeastern, university miami, university leo saint, and university Barry. "it is independent colleges and universities florida", group presenting 28 quotients the colleges also of universities, reported that of their institution of term, it is which tyuey sluzhyat above 121.000 students in autumn of 200shch.[shchshch ] I -75, which enters into position near the city of lake (45 miles west of jacksonville) and continue southward the through Gainesville, Ocala, suburbs tampa's eastern, Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Myers and naples, where it intersects the "alley of alligator" as the road of duty to fort Lauderdale before to turn southward and to cease in lakes Hialeah/Miami having connections from the I -10 in the city lake and I -4 in tampa. I -95, which enter into position near jacksonville and continue along the Atlantic free flight to beach Melbourne/Titusville Daytona, the bay of palm, beach Vero, fort pierce, port saint Lucie, Stuart, the western beach of palm, and fort Lauderdale before to cease in the the urban miami, with the connections with I -10 in jacksonville and I -4 in beach Daytona. To the construction of routes under the act of highway federal aid of 1956, florida began construction longer they were expensive duty the cross -.polojeni4, Turnpike florida's. The first division, from the fort pierces the south to the the golden Glades was it will complete into 1957. After the second division northern through orlando to Wildwood (near present-day village), and southward advancement around miami to homestead, it was finished into 1974.